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Venue Lighting
Design and installation of professional lighting system - Masco, PHILPS lighting twelve sports venues case.
The stadium and other sports venues lighting and general lighting competition has the very big difference, mainly to sports venues to provide a good visual environment, the place to play the full social and economic benefits. The key lies in the lighting design provides horizontal and vertical illumination, reduce glare index, achieve a bright but not dazzling widely used in lighting illumination effects. Television has also put forward higher requirements, and high definition television broadcast in addition to the control of higher requirements, adding another important change is the camera position, put forward many aspects of lighting, illuminance standard multi angle.
Held in the big game, in addition to the normal game of sports, there are many other important factors to be considered, large screen display definition is very important to create the atmosphere of the scene, and the details of the game replays of the movement area illumination higher luminance and uniformity requirements; audience participation also had a strong impact on the game atmosphere, so the lighting lighting medium audience game is also very important. At the same time, good advertising companies in the venue in the billboard lighting can better attract investment.

Qiansen cooperation lighting equipment supplier has a wealth of Olympic Games and major sporting events on a number of large sports venues. The use of advanced experience, energy saving, special light source for sports lighting mature, more precise control of light, temperature and working performance is more stable, more energy saving, green.

PHILPS lighting successful Dalian Olympic main stadium stadium, seating 18 thousand people, covers an area of 95 thousand square meters, construction area of 73 thousand square meters, invested 800 million.

Shenyang Olympic Sports Center lighting