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Professional Sports Wooden Floor Design and Installation
Professional design and manufacture of wood flooring
Wood floor type: first, professional basketball floor (removable floor, fixed floor)
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(1) QS-SLVL-02 (DIN test, FIBA certified products)
Double keel is my company to meet the development trend of the world sports flooring industry in a timely manner the development of a floating wood floor structure, it is not only durable and flexible, fully meet the requirements of DIN standards.
In addition to the intersection between the upper and lower keel with an elastic pad not only solves the problem of the direct contact of the keel is easy to produce sound and good performance of the movement, the anti rot of the LVL keel, the deformation resistance ability is the solid wood can not match.
LVL with the latest mature technology to the direction of the cascade, solid wood material as the Deputy keel (double keel).LVL keel after high temperature and pressure treatment, but also in each layer of veneer between the environmental protection glue closed, can be long-term anti-corrosion.
The utility model can ensure that the rotten.LVL keel is not formed in the whole structure, and is a new structural material which is formed by the following steps: the wood is cut into a straight board after being boiled, and the phenolic resin is glued to the pressure of 1000T.
The utility model relates to an advanced longitudinal laminated anti deformation structure, which greatly improves the bending and shearing resistance of the wood, and greatly improves the elastic modulus of the wood
There are two types of structures that can be chosen to have a floor and a flat floor.

Beijing Olympic Sports Center, Beijing the first city stadium, Dalian University gymnasium, the State Sports General Administration of Training Bureau of the stadium, Shougang stadium, Dalian maple leaf international school gymnasium, Dalian Radio & TV University.
Museum, Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center, Huanglong Sports Center.

Product specification
The surface floor: Maple / oak / ash wood floor surface UV double, floor paint, 1200-1800 * 120 * 22mm (excellent) moisture content 10%
Floor board: Larch Plywood 2440 * 12mm * 1200
Upper keel: Larch LVL1200 x 50 x 40mm @400mm full coated anticorrosive paint, moisture content of 10%
Elastic cushion: sports floor special elastic cushion 100 * 50 * 10mm @400 * 400mm
Lower LVL keel: Larch LVL1200 x 50 x 40mm @400mm full coated anticorrosive paint, moisture content of 10%
Leveling pad: Larch Plywood 100 * @400 * 18mm * 400mm full of anti-corrosion paint, moisture content of 10%
(2) QS-CZ-01 (DIN test, FIBA certified products)
The structure of the utility model is composed of a double-layer floor without nail type steel clamp, and is matched with an aluminum alloy rail type double track keel, and a standard module (1200 1200mm) is provided with 10 small modules
The connection between the modules is made of a manual steel wire buckle structure, and the connecting point is a nylon bearing
The PE high pressure foam pad with a hardness of 20 degrees is used as the base point of the structure to meet the overall performance
1, with anti - moisture, anti-corrosion, anti - deformation function
2, the assembly is convenient and the connection is tight and seamless
3, there is no boundary restrictions can be infinitely flexible assembly
Results: the main stadium of Guangzhou gymnasium, the main stadium of Huanglong Sports Center, the main hall of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xihu District stadium, Wuhu Olympic Sports Center, Qigihar stadium and so on.

Product specification:
The surface floor: Maple / oak / ash wood floor double 22 x 120 x 1200mm (floor width is 110 ~ 120mm between a specification of six sides of the seal)
(select level) 10 block / die
Floor board: Larch Plywood 12 * 1196mm * 1196 *
Keel: independent development of forming aluminum alloy rail 22 * 66 * 1180mm 3 block / die
Elastic cushion: sports floor special elastic cushion 11 / die
Connector: spring steel wire connector 2 / die nylon wheel 4 / die
On the surface of the Tianjin crown coating company imported Matt scratch resistant paint
(3) QS-GC-S (DIN certification)
Product introduction
Performance: the upper and lower staggered floor of the perfect closure of the hidden space and the surface of the floor contact channels,
The utility model is equivalent to a solid wood floor which is arranged on the elastic layer, and then the bottom plate of the lower layer is pressed by a stable galvanized steel groove, and the whole sports floor system forms a steady state
The utility model not only can satisfy the technical requirements of the floor but also realize the downward movement of the whole floor system
The performance of the sports floor, uniform and solid structure makes the performance of the entire floor system is more uniform, very suitable for basketball and other professional sports
Results: Guangzhou nine games, Suzhou Sports Center, Shenzhen stadium, Zhejiang water conservancy and Hydropower College, Suzhou Xinghai school

Guangzhou nine games Training Center

Two, professional gymnastics, professional badminton, professional table tennis, integrated sports floor system
International first class products: the selection and processing technology of professional wood flooring and structural materials
Texture of material´╝Ü
(1) the performance of the floor material:
Maple (MAPLE), the genus Acer, Acer, it is also known as maple wood, there are more than and 150 species worldwide, distributed in North America, Europe, North Africa, East and Central Asia have produced.
According to the hardness of maple is divided into two categories, one is hard maple, also known as white maple, black maple, and the other is soft maple, also known as red maple, silver maple, etc. soft maple strength than hard maple low about 25%
Hard maple is far better than soft maple. But the most famous varieties of maple is from North America Acer (ACERSaccharum) and black maple (A.nigmum), commonly known as the "Maple". NBA in the United States and Europe, Japan
High grade sports floors are maple, he gives a fresh feeling of progress is very suitable for the background as a sports competition
Section of the United States imported maple sports floor. The United States NBA League venues are maple, in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, sports venues are also maple flooring for the mainstream:
Maple is a long fiber species, with other hardwoods can not be compared to the tenacity, cross grain, vertical grain shear performance are the best, the use of the process will not produce wood thorns, can protect athletes from injury
Maple with moderate hardness, hammer test mark depth is less than the other hardwood, and because neither hard nor soft is comfortable.
Because the material is dense and uniform, maple without pores exposed pipe, not easy to absorb moisture deformation, the appearance of delicate and bright
Bright color, natural color, the best visual effects, suitable for competition and television viewing beauty
Because of the length of the fiber, the density is uniform along the ground plate, and the average wear resistance is good, and the service life is very long. For example, the Beijing stadium was built in 1955, and its maple flooring has been used for fifty years
In short, maple is the preferred material for the stadium floor
(2) the choice of wool flooring materials:
The wool floor is selected as the larch plywood, and the plywood is made of phenolic resin, which is made of phenolic resin, which is environmentally friendly (Di Jiaquan)
The advantages, its characteristics are: resistance to 100 DEG C boiling test for 3 hours, -24 C frozen for 3 hours, 63 hours (3 DEG C oven drying according to the requirements of GB) not glue, the shape is very stable, and is especially suitable for high humidity area
High temperature, high strength, bending strength and elastic modulus of wood are better than wood
Because of the use of solid wood composite structure has no obvious thickness change, no expansion, no crack, stable as before. Nail grip force ordinary pine wood 1.3 times, enough to prove that it is as a load-bearing material, superior conditions
To be widely used in containers, construction and other important load-bearing structure
(3) the choice of keel material:
LVL keel (Laminated Veneer Lumber-- veneer laminated wood) is a new type of structural material, which is made of wood, which is cut into a straight board after being boiled, and is made of phenolic resin, which is glued to the pressure of 1000T
It is one of the most advanced and all - round laminated anti - deformation structures, which greatly improves the bending and shearing properties of wood
Along the direction of the multilayer sheet like concrete in the multi-storey steel, greatly increased the LVL wood square moment of resistance, its elastic modulus of 16000, the average pine square is only in the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan
Other developed countries with bearing beam and columns it large buildings have replaced the steel trend. Antifungal LVL keel, anti deformation ability is beyond the reach of.LVL wood keel after high temperature and high pressure treatment, and in each single
The utility model can be used for the basic material of the wooden floor of the gymnasium, and the utility model has the function of preventing corrosion in the whole structure, which can ensure the corrosion of the whole structure in a long time. The utility model can be used as the base material of the wooden floor of the gymnasium
(4) selection of elastic system materials:
Elastic function of sports floor through most of the elastic system sports floor to achieve, the elastic system used local plate structure is a rubber pad made of natural rubber, the hardness of shore 60 degrees, with the DIN detection equipment is
Recognize the shape of the hole in the middle, suitable for bolts and other fasteners. Through the elastic system with protective sleeve made of nylon material, the floor system is subjected to external force overload when the box is closed to ensure the nylon cushion will not be too
The function of the external force is protected by the external force and the service life of the elastic system is prolonged
Performance photos: