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UCI Pro Events
Originated in Europe in the 1890s, Cyclo-cross is very popular in Europe and America. It has become one of the most popular UCI professional competitions.
In 2012,under the joint efforts of Qiansen Group and UCI technical delegates , Yanqing had the first international standard Cyclo-Cross track. In 2013, UCI awarded cyclo-cross event to Qiansen Group and CX was held in China for the first time. Qiansen Group as the only Chinese racing organizer of UCI Cyclo-cross event, held 2013 “Qiansen trophy” UCI Cyclo-Cross Event successfully in conjunction with the Yanqing government. Mr. Peter Van Den Abeele, head of UCI Cyclo-cross Department. 
2014 "Qiansen trophy" UCI Cyclo-Cross C1 Event Yanqing station held again on August 30 in Beijing yanqing. This was the Asia's top professional Cyclo-cross event and it attracted nearly hundreds of pro-cyclists from more than 20 countries and regions.
In 2015,"Qiansen trophy" UCI Cyclo-Cross C1 Event was held not only in Beijing Yanqing, but also in Hainan Qiongzhong. In 2016, we had two C1 events held in Yanqing and Fengtai, Beijing. More and more professional racers come to “Qiansen trophy”, and they all had an unforgettable journey in China. 
In 2017, we will hold The Fifth "Qiansen trophy" UCI Cyclo-Cross C1 Event for at least two stations. 

Professional: A World-Class Feast
Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, Britain, Latvia and other more than 20 countries, 40 UCI professional teams, and nearly 100 outstanding professional athletes.
Star Riders:
CX World Cup champion Thijs Joris Al
Swedish national champion Asa Maria Erlandsson
American MTB Championship runner-up, college championship champion Casey Hildebrandt
World No.2, Belgian player VAN LOY Ellen
World No.10, Belgian player Katrien Thijs
Swedish national champion Magnus Darvell
Danish National Championship Champion Kloppenburg Margriet
As well as many national and regional championship riders
Champion Riders

Media Coverage
Since 2013, “Qiansen Trophy” attracted many domestic and foreign media and cyclists. It covered a wide range of people in a short time. 
For each station every year, our race has 5min Special Reports on CCTV-5. And also the local televisions will report the news of our races.
In addition, our race also covered internet and new media. 
2015 event in Letv broadcast got 53000 views for just one race. 2016 events was broadcast by Netease sports, iQIYI, Youku, Xinhua Radio, etc.
More than 80 Mainstream Network Media like Xinhua News Agency, Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning Post, Sina Sports and so on.
Full Coverage of the Cycling Media, like China Bike, Cyclling, Bicycling, China Bicycle, Qqride, Biketo and other local riding clubs.      
2016 Qiansen Trophy UCI Cyclo-cross C1 Event got attentions of international media. Professional media such as Cyclo-Cross Magazine, Cycling News, UCI.ch,  Japanese Cycle Sports Web, Australia CX Magazine, cx-sport.de, Prowomen Cycling, The-Sports.org and so on.